Truman V.A. Hospital exceeds national standards

Local veterans said they are grateful for Columbiaâ??s V.A. hospital.

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler met with hospital officials at Columbiaâ??s Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteransâ?? Hospital to talk about patient care.

Hartzler visited the hospital to follow up with her visit back in December. She found most patients to be satisfied with access to health care and appointment scheduling.

Hartzler said, â??Overall, the satisfaction rating for this facility exceeds national standards. Thatâ??s something that I think we can all be proud of.â??

Congress started investigating V.A. hospitals across the country after more than 40 veterans are suspected of dying while waiting for medical care from the V.A. hospital in Phoenix. Local veterans said they are grateful for Columbiaâ??s V.A. hospital.

Sedalia Veteran Ronald Chronister said, â??They care. The other V.A.â??s that Iâ??ve been at act like they donâ??t care because they are overbooked. These people here are overbooked and they are doing everything they can because the Vet comes first.â??

Nixa Veteran Tommy Thompson said, â??They never forgot anything. I didnâ??t wait long. My prescriptions are always on time.â??

Columbia Veteran Leon Stapleton said, â??The care here is wonderful. Their I.C.U. is top notch. They saved my life here.â??

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill visited Columbia on Friday to announce the results of her survey of veteransâ?? satisfaction with V.A. services in Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia.

More than 250 veterans at Columbiaâ??s hospital took McCaskillâ??s survey. It shows more than 80% of them said they could schedule an appointment easily, were treated with respect and got their health care in a reasonable amount of time.