True/False fans say severe cold not a concern

True/False filmgoers file into The Blue Note for a documentary Sunday. Fans say the severe cold did not deter them from attending.

Sundayâ??s ice and subzero wind chills did little to turn away crowds on the True/False Film Festâ??s last day.

Newcomers and veterans alike told KRCG 13 the weather was little more than an annoyance as they hurried from one film to another. Jacob and Ali Gonzales, who were attending their first True/False, said they thought about staying home on Sunday but changed their minds once they saw there was only a little ice on the ground. They said they made sure to choose restaurants that were close to the theaters they went to so they would not have to walk far.

â??It wasnâ??t gonna stop us. We have tickets, so we might as well go,â?? Jacob said.

Andrew Bloomenthal, who has come to True/False from Los Angeles every year for the past four years, said he was not about to let the cold ruin his experience.

â??I actually think the weather accentuates the whole experience, because who doesnâ??t want to cuddle up inside to a nice documentary?â?? he said.

Outside The Blue Note, True/False queen Emily Rosen was handing out passes to festivalgoers. She said she thought the crowds were a little thinner than they would have otherwise been but added that meant everyone was virtually guaranteed a seat. She said this was the coldest True/False she could remember.

â??Iâ??m pretty much wearing every single thing I brought to the festival,â?? she said.

Rosen said she kept warm by stuffing hand warmers into her mittens and hat, staying as active as she could and drinking plenty of hot coffee. The cold caused management to open doors early for the noon showing of The Green Prince so people could get out of the cold.