True/False draws crowds to Columbia

The True/False Film Festival runs through Sunday.

The annual True/False Film Festival in Columbia is bringing flocks of people to the downtown area.

A parade down 9th Street Friday evening kept those waiting in the que outside Missouri Theatre occupied.

"Seeing Columbia come alive and seeing all the different people coming to visit for the's lots of fun that way. People watching!" Nicole Fulcher, a Columbia resident and True/False volunteer, said.

"It's about the only night we've got. We're both volunteers so we'll be working we thought we'd come out for the festivities this evening," Dan Stapleton, a fellow volunteer and friend of Fulcher, said.

The downtown crowds also mean big bucks for downtown businesses.

Sara Driscoll, an employee at Yogoluv on 9th street, said she's seen an influx of customers since the start of the festival Thursday.

"It's been pretty crazy, we have a love more customers than we usually do just because we're so conveniently located next to the Missouri Theatre which is where the majority of people come from. So I'd say we've had a big increase in customers since the festival has started," Driscoll said.

She said they stocked up on supplies in anticipation of the rush.

The True/False Film Festival runs through Sunday.

You can find a schedule of films here.

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