Trucks from China and other gems from the mouths of babes

This is the plane my wife made for our son's 3rd birthday party.

Out of the mouth of babes oft times come gems is the phrase, usually truncated, we say when a child says something that shows adult-like understanding or wisdom.I love the occasional insightful things my young children say but mostly their utterings are more funny than they are full of wisdom.I try to remember the humorous one-liners my 4 and 3 year-olds say but usually forget when it's time to tell my wife a couple hours later. So, I've come up with this solution: I send myself a quick email from my phone with the funny quote or expression.One of the recent reoccurring topics that has me sending emails is my just-turned-three-year-old's knowledge of China.No, I am not one of those wonder parents who has already taught my son geography. His knowledge of China comes from a trip to McDonald's.As with most toddlers, he wouldn't stop whining after learning that McDonald's was out of blue toy trucks for the Happy Meals. My wife finally explained in detail that there was no way to get the blue truck that day because they were being made far away in China.That night one of our bed time stories included the word China, my son immediately exclaimed: that's where the blue trucks are! I had no idea what he was talking about until my wife later explained what had happened.It is now an ongoing experiment to see how long he will remember the out-of-stock blue trucks.At his birthday party last week, we made a big airplane out of styrofoam that the kids took turns pretend piloting. One of the older boys said he was driving the plane to China... and right on queue my son excitedly blurted out that's where the blue trucks are!If I was more with it, I would have gotten him a blue truck for his birthday.So, if you know anyone in China, tell them to send the blue trucks our way!