Truckers phone rule clarified

The U.S Department of Transportation is clarifying a ban on a cell phone regulations put in place back in December.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlawed the use of hand-held mobile phones for truck drivers and bus drivers.

Tuesday, those restrictions were clarified to allow hands free devices.

Truck driver Bud Pringle thinks it's a good thing, "It's there on your head, you can watch the road and take calls".

Fellow driver, Greg Bland agreed, "It's better to use the hands -free because you're paying more attention to your driving when your hand is free. When you're using your cell phone you're distracted, it's not very good for the drivers, and it's not very good for the cars out here on the road".

All of the drivers we talked to said they're happy to be able to use hands-free devices again, and they all agreed, there are other problems on Missouri roads.

"Dumb drivers and people trying to do text messaging", Pringle said.

"Bland told us, â??Even some of the law men are using their computer when they're driving their cars which they shouldn't be".

The rule still restricts truck drivers from holding and operating a phone except during emergencies.

The hands free devices have to be within and arms reach of the driver's seat.

The rule does not include cb radios.