Truckers don't like phone ban

There is a new rule banning commercial drivers from using cell phones while driving. Wednesday in Kingdom City we saw a number of truckers on cell phones like this one. But come January 3rd, they'll be breaking the law. Some we talked to said they think the ban will be a big inconvenience. Kristina Bishop was one of those semi-drivers, "So the only way I can reach anybody whether it be dispatch, my broker, my customer, is via telephone.For instance, this morning, I had to be guided in while I was driving because Google Maps aren't really truck friendly, and their address really didn't exist". But not everyone thinks the law is a bad thing. Brian Beair is a driver from South Carolina. "I think it's a good idea and our company already enforces that policy, we really don't need any extra distractions, we have enough out here the way it is". Specifically the rule prohibits commercial drivers from holding, dialing, or even reaching for a cell phone. Missouri Highway Patrol Lt. John Hotz said, "We used to talk about adjusting the radio station or putting in a cd, or talking to passengers, or eating or drinking and those type of things, and now the focus on that has kind of shifted now to hand held devices, whether it be cell phones or navigation devices". Hotz says it will take a couple of years to really see if the rule has an effect on the number of crashes. Also Wednesday, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended all states ban the use of cell phones and electronic devices except in emergencies.