Truck Stop Missouri shows off Midway Travel Center

A mid-Missouri truck stop stepped into the spotlight Wednesday night.

A couple hundred people gathered at the midway travel center's backdoor lounge in Boone County for the premier of "Truck Stop Missouri."

It's the Travel Channel's new reality show that will go behind the scenes at the Midway Travel Plaza just west of Columbia.

One of the shows stars, and Midway's Motel manager, Julie Klusmeyer said the whole process has been amazing.

It's really wild, but it's huge and you've got Travel Channel and other networks here, so for Columbia, Missouri it's a really big thing, Klusmeyer said.

Klusmeyer said the Travel Channel started filming in March and just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago.

The show seemed to be a hit with the crowd Wednesday night at the Backdoor Lounge.

Everyone there is keeping their fingers crossed there will be a second season.