Triple murder suspect was convicted of murder 25 years ago

Morris McCabe, 51, of Lebanon, Mo.

A man accused of killing three southwest Missouri residents had been released from prison in February after serving 25 years for second-degree murder.

Morris McCabe, 51, of Lebanon, Mo. was convicted of murdering Larry Baker, a.k.a Kenneth Carpenter on June 8, 1979. ( See the charge )

The bodies of Donald Young, 45, Donald Meyer, 53, and Sally Amos, 46, were found Friday around 9:30 a.m. at Meyer's mobile home near Stoutland, Mo. in Camden County. All three lived in Stoutland.

McCabe was arrested Saturday and was being held without bond in Camden County jail.

On Friday, police found the two males at the kitchen table, one slumped over and the other TMs head was tilted back. A Camden County deputy reports seeing Amos lying on the floor.

Police also found shell casings on the kitchen floor.

A next door said she was texting Don Meyer throughout Thrusday evening. The neighbor said the last text she received from Meyer was at 7:57 p.m. Thursday.

A probable cause statement released Monday says McCabe had been dating a woman who had a previous relationship with Don Meyer. The woman said McCabe threatened her and her family if she broke up with McCabe.

He is scheduled for a hearing Thursday to review his counsel status, and did not have a lawyer as of Monday.

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