Travel Channel series features Midway Truck Stop

The Travel Channel is producing a program that puts the spotlight on a Mid-Missouri truck stop.

A new reality show called Truck Stop Missouri goes behind the scenes at The Midway Travel Plaza just west of Columbia.

They TMve been shooting since January and now the show is about to air. Truck Stop Missouri shows how more than a million truckers, tourists and locals swing through The Midway Truck Stop every year. General Manager Joe Bechtold was surprised his place on Interstate 70 was chosen for a reality television series.

Bechtold said, I wouldn TMt have believed that it would have gotten to this point. They say if it gets good ratings, then they have us locked up for multiple seasons after that, which is kind of putting the horse before the horse.

Bechtold started a new eating challenge called The Big 70 for his new program. Customers have one hour to eat 7 biscuits and 70 ounces of gravy.

Travel Channel producers were looking for the most unique truck stop in America. How many other truck stops have a cowboy boots store, a tattoo parlor, an antique mall and a haunted house? All of the businesses are family-owned and operated.

Bechtold said, More than all of the physical businesses that we have here, I think the managers and the people that work here, that TMs what you are going to find is just going to blow your mind. We have some of the greatest people. When it comes out, hopefully, Columbia will be proud.

The first episode of Truck Stop Missouri will last an hour. After that, it will be a 30-minute show, for at least 13 weeks, on The Travel Channel.

The series premiere of Truck Stop Missouri airs this Wednesday at 9 p.m.