Tornado touches down Saturday in Mid Missouri

OWENSVILLE, MO -- After talking with meteorologists from the National Weather Service in St. Louis, KRCG 13 News can confirm that a tornado touched down in Owensville around 2:35 PM Saturday afternoon.

The fire chief of the Owensville fire department observed a funnel cloud for several minutes just north of Highway 28 and just northeast of the city. The tornado touched down twice, but only for a brief time.

Those who observed the tornado said they also saw debris with it.

KRCG 13 viewer Colten Lottmann of Owensville sent in video of the tornado as it moved just a few miles east of the Wal-Mart on Highway 28.

At this time, there are no reports of injuries and no reports of damage.

The National Weather Service in St. Louis has no plan to survey the area where this tornado touched down unless they receive a report of damage.

There were no severe weather watches and no tornado warnings when this tornado touched down.