Tornado damage reported overnight

Monday may seem to be a calm morning, but storms that swept overnight through the northern part of mid-Missouri left some severe damage.Tornado touch downs have been reported.Moberly police say a trained weather spotter saw a tornado touch down near Mt. Airy around 7 p.m.Police also say a barn and some mobile homes were damaged in that area. Power lines and trees were knocked down by the powerful winds south of Moberly, Renick, Higbee and Clark.Traffic on Highway 63 was stalled because of the hail that fell.The National Weather Service reported a tornado touched down near Laddonia in Audrain County around 8:15 p.m. just north of the intersection of Highways 19 and 54.Hail was reported in Boone and Callaway Counties around 9 p.m. If the storms passed through your area and you were able to capture it. Send it to of the reports of damage were taken by a trained weather spotter.They are people from the community with an interest in severe weather who have taken the appropriate classes to give storm reports to the National Weather Service.Tonight the Columbia/Boone County office of Emergency Management is holding another weather spotter training class from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. at the Columbia Police Department training facility.The class is free and open to everyone.For more information, contact the Columbia/Boone County office of Emergency Management at (573) 874-7400.