Tis the season... to wait 'til the last minute!

As Christmas Day rolls in, so did the last minute shoppers.

Whether it was remaining items on someone's wish list or ingredients for a family meal, lots of people, even the youngest of shoppers, flooded the stores one last time before the big day.

Part of the reason why some may have been finishing their shopping at the last minute could be because there were six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But for some, this is tradition.

"I love the anxiety of getting out there and getting it all done at the last minute," said Kevin Hollaway. "It's a challenge."

Tomorrow morning, families will be gathering around the Christmas tree to share presents. Some will be bought locally, some will be bought online. But if you want to do it at the last minute, local's the way to go.

"I shopped almost completely locally," said Doug Rosner. "I love taking the kids into stores and touching and feeling things and making sure it's what they want. I bought a few things online but that's just because I couldn't buy them locally."

After the meals are prepared and the gifts are wrapped, all that's left to do is wait for jolly old Saint Nick to come down the chimney.

"Well, I ate the last of the cookies for Santa," said Rosner. "So I was told to come back to more before Christmas Eve tonight."