'Tis the season to be...stressed?

The holiday season can be stressful for many reasons.

With Christmas just one week away, many mid-Missourians are making sure they have everything they need for a happy holiday. But there are certain aspects of the holiday season that can make this time of year stressful.

"The thing that I see most has to do with money. And just being around family...trying to make sure that you spend equal amounts of time with family if you're traveling around," Erika Barrett, a licensed professional counselor at Lifeson for Growth and Wellness in Jefferson City, said.

Barrett also said those who recently lost loved ones may have increased stress, anxiety or depression if this is the first holiday season since their loved one's death.

In that situation, Barrett said to not hesitate in seeking help.

For financial stress, she recommends planning ahead and budgeting early. Save money by making your own gifts.

For other forms of stress, Barrett says it's all about prioritizing the important things about the holiday season over those that you're stressing about.

"So just really keeping things in perspective, making sure that your reality-based and recognizing that things aren't going to be perfect and just trying to keep things light-hearted and focusing on what the true meaning of Christmas is," she said.