Tipton's "Champ": David Koechner

David Koechner plays Champ Kind in the Anchorman movies and is rooted right here in mid-Missouri.

It's a parody that made people in our profession cover their eyes and laugh. Back in 2004, the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, gave the world a humorous glimpse of life in the broadcast industry. And soon, Burgundy and crew will be back in theaters with a highly anticipated sequel. The actor who plays Champ Kind is rooted right here in mid-Missouri. Tipton is home of the 8-ball, the Cardinals and...Champ Kind. Ok, well no, the "Whammy!" yelling sportscaster isn't from Tipton, but the guy who plays him, David Koechner, is. Before Todd Packer in The Office, or Coach Lambeau Fields in The Comebacks, or his time on Saturday Night Live, David Koechner worked at Koechner MFG.It's a family turkey-coop-manufacturing business that his brother, Mark, now runs. It was a place the family of eight spent a lot of time throughout the years, but one day David clocked out for the last time. "He packed up his little Ford Escort and away he went," Davidâ??s mom, Margaret Ann Koechner said. The funny-man left his childhood home in Tipton, which is where Margaret Ann still lives, to pursue his dream of acting. After many years of hard work and dedication, even at one point living at the YMCA in Chicago, David Koechner made it to the bright lights of Hollywood...and to a TV and theater near you. "It's unbelievable, I still can't get used to that, that gee, that's my son," Margaret Ann said. Now it's not only David that gets recognized. "They'll say to me, I just found out you're David Koechner's mom...I say yeah..." Maragaret Ann laughs. "To see people get so excited to see him, from me looking at him from the outside, to them it's like wow, why do you get so excited, I mean, he's just David," Davidâ??s brother, Mark Koechner said. Mark's right, he's just another guy...Right? "But really, we're all just people,â?? David Koechner said. â??That's my view...but are we...aren't I different? Aren't I special?" With a sense of humor that is contagious, he's still down to earth. "The fact that I make my living where my work is to play is the greatest life I could ever imagine," David said. David is a husband and father of five and knows the importance of parenting. "Community is one thing, but your parents are really where it's at and I had good ones., I had great ones," David said. As far as his parenting skills go, he just crosses his fingers and hopes for the best. "My kids are a handful...No, they are perfect children, Iâ??m the one that's crazy, so Iâ??m hoping that doesn't rub off on them," David said. "I think a lot of what he does is very funny and then some of it...Ehhh..." Margaret Ann laughs. But when the Channel Four news team reunites to create the first 24-hour news channel, in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Margaret Ann, Mark and the entire Koechner gang will be laughing the loudest and clapping the hardest for their champ. "What would I like to say to my community? To my fan base?....Thank you," David said. The one-liners will keep coming as Anchorman Two: The Legend Continues rolls into theaters December 20th. Koechner is also gearing up for his film Cheap Thrills to hit theaters early next year. When he is not on the big screen, Koechner performs stand-up comedy and creates original content videos for his YouTube channel, "Full on Koechner."