Tipton traffic light gets new signal: blinking yellow arrow

A blinking yellow arrow in use near St. Louis.

Tipton's only traffic light's getting an upgrade - and the same idea could be used in other parts of mid-Missouri.

A new signal - a blinking yellow arrow - will be introduced this fall at the intersection of Highway 50, Route 5 and Route B in Tipton.

"It's more of a cautionary message to the driver," said Matt Myers, with the Missouri Department of Transportation. "You can turn left when there's a gap in the opposing through traffic."

The flashing yellow arrow means left turns are allowed after you yield to oncoming traffic. Basically, proceed with caution.

That blinking arrow will be followed by a solid yellow arrow, which means the light's about to turn red. Next to the new traffic lights will be a white sign that says, "Left Turn Signal - Yield On Flashing Yellow Arrow."

"I think it'll be good," said Dave Tuttle, who owns Tuttle's Auto Parts adjacent to the Tipton intersection where the light will be installed. "I mean, of course, with any new thing it'll take some getting used to, some adjustments and everything."

He says the intersection can get pretty busy but the new light will be "a plus."

The new signal will be used in left turn only lanes. MoDOT says the change will cut down on the number of accidents and alleviate confusion.

Missouri already has one city, near St. Louis, operating these lights. MoDOT hopes to update all left turn lanes in mid-Missouri with the new design. They say that could cost around $5,000 per light and could happen as early as next year.

So far 13 states, including Missouri, have applied to get the new "yield on flashing yellow arrow" lights.