Time is ticking for filing taxes

Temporary workers at the DOR are working to process last-minute taxes.

The deadline for filing income taxes is this coming Monday, April 15. The Missouri Department of Revenue has seen an onslaught of last-minute taxes filed this week.

Ted Farnen, director of communications at the Department of Revenue, said this pattern is typical of years past.

"A lot of people wait until the end, just out of human nature or they have other things to take care of. So the statistics are about the same for this year as they've been in years past," Farnen said.

From the time the DOR receives a claim, it usually takes about three business days to process. However, with the increased volume this past week, late filers may see a delay for their returns.

For those that haven't filed yet, Farnen says it's easier and more efficient to file online. He also said to make sure not to make some common mistakes.

"Make sure to sign the return, make sure to include all the forms that you're supposed to...that show what your income is or what interest you've gotten off bank statements, things like that," he said.

For those that haven't filed yet and need information or help, Farnen recommends visitng the Department of Revenue website.