Time: Amount or Quality?

It's back to school time and for kids and us parents alike, it means getting back into the school-year routine.

With carpools, work, volunteering and church commitments, the week fills up pretty quickly. And if you're like me you barely fit it all in...and to make matters worse, the sun is going down earlier each day!

With my job, it always seems like just when it's time to go home breaking news happens and I have to stick around.

Maybe other dads out there feel the same guilt I do if I get stuck at work late. If I get home too late, the kids are usually in bed...and if I leave early enough the next day I can go 48...sometimes 72 hours without seeing my kids.

To add to my "daddy guilt" my wife recently texted me this picture of my son waiting at the window for me to come....unfortunately I didn't make it home in time that night.

So, while I can't always stop news from happening, I can control how I spend the time I do have with my children. I am trying to make it more quality time. More games, more park time, more stories and more teaching.

I'm sure there are many others out there with busy schedules and demanding jobs. How do you fit it all in? How do you make the time with your kids count?

I'll appreciate any to run...already staying too late tonight to finish this blog.