Tigers fans give Kim Anderson warm welcome

Tigers fans cheer as Kim Anderson arrives at a reception Tuesday evening.

New MU menâ??s basketball coach Kim Anderson got a standing ovation as he strode into a reception in his honor Tuesday evening.

Dozens of Mizzou athletics staff, donors and fans cheered wildly and clapped along to recordings of â??Every True Sonâ?? and â??Fight Tigerâ?? and continued to cheer as Anderson addressed the crowd. Among the fans gathered on Mizzou Arenaâ??s practice court was the infamous student group known as The Antlers, who held up signs welcoming Anderson back to MU. Antlers president Julian Vizitei said Anderson was exactly the coach the Tigers need.

â??Heâ??s a great coach, great mind, great defensive coach,â?? he said, adding he thought Anderson would energize the fan base.

Longtime friends of Andersonâ??s were scattered throughout the crowd. Susan Kelley said he is an honest, upstanding person who deserves the coaching job.

Kelley said when she found out about his hiring, â??I texted Melissa (Anderson, Kimâ??s wife) immediately and said, â??Iâ??m so excited I can barely stand it.â??â??

Glenda Filbert, whose late husband worked with Anderson while he was an assistant coach, said Andersonâ??s hiring was â??a dream come true.â??

â??Heâ??s a good olâ?? Missouri boy, and heâ??s loyal, and he loves the Tigers and loves Missouri,â?? she said.

After thanking the crowd, Anderson invited former Missouri basketball players to stand at the front of the room with him. He told the crowd the team would go back to playing â??the way I was taught and the way youâ??re used to seeing.â?? Greg Church, who played from 1985 to 1989, said Mizzou fans could expect to see a little bit of Norm Stewart-style basketball return, though he added Anderson has developed his own style over the years.