Tiger fans say Cotton Bowl win fitting end to season

Cotton Bowl attendees were among the passengers who flew in from Dallas-Ft. Worth on Saturday's flight to Columbia.

Fans who watched Friday night's Cotton Bowl in person or on television told KRCG 13 they were thoroughly impressed by the Tigers' performance.

Jim Rhoads, who watched the game in Columbia, said he thought MU's 41-31 win over Oklahoma State was final proof Mizzou belonged in the SEC. He said he was pleased the Tigers kept cool heads when they fell behind during the second half.

"It would have been easy to say, you know, 'We had the lead and we lost it,'" he said. "They didn't. They battled. They really did."

While waiting for his baggage at Columbia Regional Airport, Ted Choma echoed Rhoads' comments about Missouri regaining the lead. Choma and his family had seats between the 30 and 40-yard lines at AT&T Stadium. He said the moments when MU and OSU battled for the lead "an emotional roller coaster" and said he was pleased by the Tigers' recovery.

Michael Ferrara and Sean Alger watched game at Campus Bar & Grill downtown.

"It was a crazy crowd," Alger said. "So many people up there. It was loud every touchdown, especially at the end of the game."

Ferrara, Alger, Rhoads and Choma all said the game was a great way to cap the season. They noted nobody in August expected the Tigers to get this far after a disappointing 2012 season. Ferrara said he is already excited for next year.

"I'm ready for the Maty Mauk era to start," he said.