Three charged in Tre'Veon Marshall shooting

Prosecutors filed charges late Thursday afternoon against three suspects in connection with the July shooting death of Tre'Veon Marshall.

Joshua Murray, 18, and Nicholas Thomas, 19, are both charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. First-degree murder carries a sentence of either death or life without the possibility of probation, parole or release except by an act of the governor. Kimberly Huett-Linzie, 17, is charged with hindering prosecution. RSMo 575.030 defines this as actions such as harboring a suspect or warning them of impending discovery. Since Murray and Thomas are both accused of felonies, Huett-Linzie would be tried for a Class D felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of four years. All three suspects are Columbia residents. Murray served five days in the Boone County Jail early this year for domestic assault, while Thomas was charged in November with tampering with a motor vehicle. Huett-Linzie has no prior criminal record according to CaseNet.

Columbia Police Sgt. Joe Bernhard told KRCG 13 all three suspects were tracked down and arrested over a 16 hour period between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. All three arrests were without incident, and Bernhard said Huett-Linzie was arrested at Columbia Police headquarters, though he refused to say why she was there at the time.

People living near McKee Park, where Marshall was killed, were heartened by news of the arrests. Paula Schneider, who lives across the street from the park, said she and her neighbors became very wary of the park after Marshall's death. She said parents do not bring their children to the park's playground with the same frequency they used to. Schneider said she and her neighbors have become much more vigilant in the month since the shooting and frequently watch each other's property when someone is away.

Bernhard said police will still pursue leads but he does not believe there are any additional suspects. Huett-Linzie posted bond Thursday, but Murray and Thomas remain in custody on a $1 million and $2 million bond, respectively. Both are cash-only bonds.