Thousands of stolen items recovered by Police in Fulton

At a first glance, a garage at the Fulton Police Station might look like a small flea market. However, its contents aren't for sale... in fact, they were never paid for in the first place. All the items have been cataloged and archived by the police department - all were stolen from Callaway County residents.

"There's a menagarie of items that have been stolen," said Lt. Andre Cook of the Fulton Police Department. "It ranges from tools to toys, and everything in between."

Some of the "in-between" includes DVD players, laundry hampers, power tools, laptop computers, matress comforters, beer posters, fishing poles, even plastic children's toys. Police say thieves have also targeted random storage units, snipping locks and taking whatever was inside.

Lieutenant Cook says the effort appears organized and widespread. "The group of individuals involved in these thefts may have traveled to places in addition to the local area. They may have traveled to adjoining cities and counties," Cook said.

Police say anyone could have had their things taken - the situation has neighbors on edge about their things. "Every morning we take a stroll to see what's missing," said Fulton resident Mike McCarter. "I've had a lot of things go missing from my yard. A lot of my lawn ornaments. At Christmas, our Christmas lights get stolen."

McCarter says when he moved to his home in 1984, he could leave his doors unlocked when he wasn't home. Today, police are saying take a good look around - your lawn ornaments could be at the police station.