Thousands commemorate Civil War's150th anniversary in Boonville

Hundreds of people were in Bboonville Saturday for the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War and the Battle of Boonville.

The battle is known to be the battle that opened the Civil War in Missouri.

KRCG's Meghan Lane was at Saturday's events and spoke with some of the re-enactors and visitors of the commemoration.

The Battle of Boonville was fought on June 17th 1861.

It was fought to ensure Missouri and the Missouri River would remain under union control.

"It's a fascinating period of American history and one of the most important periods. there's a common saying that before the Civil War people said the united states are, and after the civil war people said the united states is," re-enactor Randy Baeher said.

"We're recreating the heritage of Missourians who fought in the civil war for the Union," re-enactor Scot House said.

House represented the pioneers and engineers that came from St. Louis.

"We hope to attack and dislodge the secessionists that are occupying the city of Boonville," House said.

Saturday hundreds of actors gathered on the fields where the historic battle took place 150 years ago.

"This is consecrated ground where blood was spilled, so that makes it very humbling, very solemn to remember the people that served and sacrificed," re-enactor Anita Quick said.

For Anita Quick the Civil War has a special place in her heart.

"My ancestor fought in the civil war, he was with the 65th Indiana company F, he was captured in Georgia and put in a prison camp," Quick said.

David Wilcoxson brought his own old style camera to photograph with Saturday.

He said it's nice to have such an important piece of history right here in mid Missouri.

I don TMt get the opportunity to go to places back east like Gettysburg to shoot the bigger battle sights so this is more convenient and looks like it will be a lot of fun," Wilcoxson said.

Not only did visitors get the chance to see the battle reenacted, they also learned about what everyday life was like for the soldiers and their families during the war.