Thomas found guilty in Tra'veon Marshall murder

COLUMBIA, MO -- A guilty verdict came Friday night in the first degree murder case against Nicholas Thomas. Thomas was also found guilty of armed criminal action in the shooting death of Tre'veon Marshall at Columbiaâ??s McKee Park last summer.

We asked members of the victim's family how they felt about the verdict after jurors spent four hours in deliberations and made their decision late Friday night.

Marshall's cousin Porcha Marshall says, "I'm happy that Tra'veon got his justice. That's the most important thing about any trial that something happened to his murderer, someone who killed him, that's the most important thing."

Marshall's grandmother Diane Barber told KRCG outside the courthouse, "My grandson can rest in peace...God is good."

Prosecutor Tracy Gonzalez said she was pleased with the verdict and thought that Tre'veon got the justice he was entitled to. Gonzalez said she and Tre'veon's mother had been waiting for this day since the murder.

Tre'veon's mother said the jury did what they needed to do and "convicted a murderer." She said with the conviction, there is one less murderer on the streets.

Defense attorneys have 25 days to file a motion for a new trial.

Final sentencing for Nicholas Thomas is scheduled for July 28.

Joshua Murray also faces a first degree murder charge in the case. Murrayâ??s trial is set for August.