This day in history Oct. 18

October 18, 1982, former first lady Bess Truman died in her home town of Independence, Missouri, at age 97. Her husband, Harry S. Truman, often referred to his wife as "the boss" and an indispensable part of his political life. Born Elizabeth Virginia Wallace, but always known as Bess, she met the future president when they were both in the second grade. They married later in life - in their mid-thirties - when Truman returned from serving in World War I. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt died and Truman assumed the presidency, Bess felt unprepared to take the place of Eleanor Roosevelt, who was an active and outspoken first lady.Bess opted instead to keep an active, but private, social schedule at the White House. After two terms in office, the Trumans left Washington moved back to Independence, Missouri. Bess is buried there on the grounds of the Truman Memorial Library.