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      Third Cole County armed robber named and charged

      This is a picture of Danny Galbreath from 2012. He is charged with first degree robbery, armed criminal action and resisting arrest by fleeing.
      Authorities have named and charged the third suspect in a Cole County armed robbery. Cole County Prosecutor, Mark Richardson, charged Danny Galbreath with first degree robbery, armed criminal action and resisting arrest by fleeing. Police said three masked men males entered an apartment at 5209 Collier Court shortly after 10:30 a.m. June 3. The men ordered two of the four residents to lie on the floor with their faces down during the robbery. A victim told investigators one of the men was wearing glasses and according to the probable cause statement, Galbreath's Facebook page showed him wearing glasses. According to the statement, the victim said at least one of them men had a gun and another had a hammer. He told investigators he was threatened with the gun and hit in the head with it. The victim also told them a woman in the home, who recently had brain surgery, was pushed into a bathtub and possibly was possibly hit on the head. The victim reported the men took items from his home and left in a white car, possibly a Honda. The PC statement said when the call came in for the robbery, one of the relatives of the homeowner was following the white car and told police he saw flashes, which he believed to be gunshots, coming from the passenger side as he followed it. Officers later found the car matching the description driving at a high rate of speed and a chase ensued. Eventually the car crashed during the chase and the three men inside ran into the woods. Kendrick Warren and Byron Davis were taken into custody a short time later. During an interview, the men told investigators they knew the driver of the car only as â??Dannyâ??, according to the probable cause statement. Later, authorities searched the car and found a hammer, cell phones and personal items, such as a wallet with a Veteran Affairs card, Military ID, School ID card and several other items with Danny Galbreath's name on them. Authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of Galbreath. Kendrick Warren and Byron Davis are in the Cole County Jail. Both men are charged with first degree robbery, armed criminal action, and felony resisting/interfering with an arrest.