There's an app for what!?!

Recently, we did a story about red light camera apps as well as apps that give locations of DUI checkpoints.Two Senators want to see the apps taken off of Apple TMs iTunes store and away from users on Blackberry and other smart phones.Blackberry decided to pull the apps from functionality, but the apps are still available for Apple TMs iPhone users.Earlier today, while looking through some AOL dumb criminal slideshows, I found an interesting story about an app that landed an Idaho man in jail.According to AOL News, Alexander Welch attempted to pull someone over, using an app. While we don TMt know which app he used, there is one for police sirens that sounds and looks (sort of) like a siren. It TMs possible that app is the one he used.I know I TMm all about living my life through the apps available to me through iTunes, but I don TMt plan on living an illegal life through them.I TMm not sure what would possess someone to try to pull a person over using an app, but Welch has now been charged with impersonating a police officer.What apps have you found that you question why they exist? There are plenty out there. I hate the app my husband has that is just a gun shot noise when you shake the iPhone. I don TMt see the point, but at the same time, I have an App that says shut up and another that says you TMre fired when you tap the screen. I TMm sure those are on some lists of why would those even exist?!? apps.