There's a change in hunting permits

For the second year in a row the Missouri Department of Conservation is allowing hunters to buy hunting permits online.

But this year there is a bit of a change.

Bow hunting season started for hunters less than a week ago.

So when I went to get my hunting permit, I noticed a change.

First, hunting permits no longer include a separate transportation tag, because the permit itself is the transportation tag.

Second, the hunting permits you buy from vendors no longer are adhesive.

The Missouri Department of Conservation recommends that you use a zip tie or some type of string to attach your tag on your game.

So why the sudden changes?

The conservation department tells me it's all because of the economy.

"Back in 2008 when everybody's economy went down hill, sales tax revenue went down too. So in order to live within our budget, without permit increases or other increase costs to hunters, we took several costs saving measures, MO Dept. of Conservation Jim Low said.

Low said the changes have really helped the conservation department.

If you would like to buy your hunting permit online please click here.