The Troop 9 Boy Scouts' trailer was stolen

Imagine a Boy Scout Troop who are excited to learn about the great outdoors, but can't because all their equipment and trailer were stolen.

That is exactly what Holts Summit's Troop 9 is dealing with right now.

We received an e-mail from a viewer that informed us that Troop 9 TMs trailer was stolen sometime last week in Holts Summit.

So KRCG TMs Crimetracker Team spoke with the Holts Summit Police Department and the Troop 9 scout master to find out more.

"It had in it all of our equipment for camping, just everything our troop owns was in that trailer, Troop 9 Scout Master Goldie Holzer said.

Last week the Troop 9 Boy Scouts' trailer sat near the scout master's house in Holts Summit, but four days ago it disappeared.

No on knows exactly where it went. So the Holts Summit Police Department is on the look out for a scout trailer.

Holzer said the trailer is a five by ten foot enclosed white trailer that says Troop 9 on the back of it.

The Holts Summit Police Department told me they are still looking for leads.

"Right now they aren't any leads. We TMre still waiting on some additional information on the trailer itself, so we can get it entered in the system to see if anybody will give us call or happens to see the trailer on the move, Holts Summit Police Department Lt. Bryan Reid said.

The trailer wasn't the only thing Troop 9 lost.

Inside the trailer there was all of their supplies to go on camp outs and even some flags.

"We lost everything for camping: tents, stoves, water jugs, gas bottles, lanterns, first aid kits, tarps, flags and flag poles, and ground cloths. We really just lost everything, Troop 9 Holly Kraftor said.

Kraftor said even though this has really hurt Troop 9 they will continue to stand strong.

"This won't be the end of the troop, though it will make it difficult in the next few months to get together and go somewhere, Kraftor said.

The Troop 9 Boy Scouts and police asks if anyone sees or hears anything about camping gear or a trailer please report it to the police department.

The scout master told KRCG they lost about $6,000 worth of supplies, which included the trailer.

If you would like to make a money contribution to help out Troop 9 they ask that you send it to:

Boy Scouts of America at 1203 Fay Street Columbia, MO 65201.

If you would like to donate some camping equipment call the scout master at (573) 896-5397.

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