The second Supermoon of the summer returns Sunday night

Full moon via NASA

NEW BLOOMFIELD, MO -- Skywatchers will have a chance to observe the second installment in a series of Supermoons that will occur Sunday night into Monday morning.

Sunday's Supermoon is the second of three occurrences this summer in which a full moon will occur when the moon is at it's perigee. The perigee is when the moon is at it's closest point in it's elliptical orbit around Earth.

The moon will be roughly 12 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter. This will be the brightest and biggest full moon of the three this summer.

The next Supermoon will be on September 9 and will the last one in 2014.

The full moon in August is called the "sturgeon" moon. Sturgeon is a large fish that is common in the Great Lakes which are frequently and easily caught in the month of August. The August full moon is also refereed to as the Red Moon due to its red tint through hazy August skies. Other names for the moon are the Green Corn Moon and Grain Moon.

The forecast doesn't look good however, showers and thunderstorms will move in Sunday night as a cold front moves into Mid-Missouri, making it hard to see the moon.

Later in the week, on Wednesday night, stargazers will be able to see the peak of the annual Perseids meteor shower. The meteors may be difficult to see due to the bright nearly full moon.

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