The most treasured Christmas gift

Most Christmas gifts are bought at a toy store, picked up in the electronic aisle, or bought online, but one Rosebud family got a present that doesn't fit under a tree.

There's lots of celebrating going on in the Stone household these days... and with good reason.

It's been a tough year for the Rosebud family and their little girl.

In June, an otherwise healthy 3-year-old Julia Stone was diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma....a very rare form of childhood cancer that affects only three in a million children.

Julia has since had nine rounds of chemotherapy, several platelet, blood, and antibody transfusions.

The Stone's had been praying for clear, cancer-free results from the chemo, but she was only given a 20% survival rate. Doctors told the Stone's they didn't think the cancer would ever be out of her lungs.

December was the month Julia was to go in for scans, and that's when their Christmas wish came true!

Julia's mother Rachel was thrilled to say, "They were clear! The cancer was out of her lungs, out of her liver, out of her lymph nodes, out of her spot on her spine, and the mass on her leg is gone! So, technically there's no evidence of disease in her body now!"

Dr. Jeff Bednarski is Julia's pediatric oncologist at Children's Hospital in St. Louis. He says Julia's cancer was a very high risk disease that is hard to treat.

"She started intensive chemotherapy immediately and now has completed 3 months of treatment. Re-evaluation of her cancer at this time showed that the disease in her lungs, liver and bone marrow was completely gone," Dr. Bednarski said, "Her primary tumor in her leg had shrunk by more than 50%. This is a really good response to therapy!"

Rich Stone said from the beginning that their faith will get them through and that his daughter will be healed.

"It just reassured everything when the doctors said they couldn't find anything. It's just an absolute miracle," Rich said.

While Julia has made a great victory, her journey isn't over just yet.

"We still have January 3rd is her surgery. They're gonna remove the bone where it started and then she has 16 more rounds of chemo. Then the doctors want to start radiation just to make sure they get all the microcells," Rachel explained.

But for now, there will be lots of celebrating in the Stone's household, all thanks to their most treasured Christmas gift.

"We believed from the very beginning that she was going to be healed," Rachel said, "God showed us that he's real and it's absolutely a Christmas miracle!"