That's life

What are you thankful for?

Your looks? Your health? Your family? Your bank account?

Good food, good friends, good times?

What about your nice, warm home on a cold winter's night?

Your God? Your dogs? Your cats?

What's most important? If you would eliminate anything from the above, what would it be? For me, the answers are easy.

Cats and cash, since I have neither. One I don't like, the other I don't have. You can probably guess which is which.

Oh, and looks, too. I maintain that hair is overrated.

What about your sports teams? Absolutely. If you can be thankful for your puppy that chews up your shoes and does his business on the living room floor, why not?

Plus, if you didn't care, I wouldn't have a job. I'm thankful you care.

* The St. Louis Cardinals have given us an unbelievable ride the last 10-plus years. And the Kansas City Royals have given us hope.

* The Missouri Tigers are in a position to play for a national football championship. No, really. It could happen.

* The Helias Crusaders, for the second straight year, are in the Class 4 state championship game.

* The Missouri volleyball team is undefeated and the SEC champion, the school's first SEC championship.

* The Kansas City Chiefs, despite two recent losses, are 9-2. The St. Louis Rams are getting better, as evidence of their recent wins over the Colts and Bears.

* The St. Louis Blues are off to the best start in franchise history.

Good stuff.

But sports are sports, life is life. I leaned on a few friends, asking what they were thankful for.

ROD SMITH, KRCG sports director: "I'm most thankful for a wonderful family, my wife, three great daughters, loving parents, even a dog and a horse. I'm thankful for a job and a community that gave me a second chance, and a Lord that does the same for all of us."

TONY MULLEN, KRCG sports: "Above anything else, I'm thankful for my lovely wife and wonderful five-year-old son. Every day I get to spend with them is a blessing. I'm also thankful to work with Rod and T.J. here at KRCG. We have an amazing sports team."

T.J. FENSKE, KRCG sports: "While I'm very grateful for family and this great country I'm able to live freely in, I'm also thankful for my opportunity to work with the KRCG sports crew. It's been a great blessing."

KEITH ENLOE, the best actor around: "If I didn't know it before, it became obvious how vital the support of family and friends is when faced with critical health problems (cancer, stroke, even death) like we were this year. I'll always be thankful for those prayers, hugs and expressions of love."

Keith's mom passed away late last month. Which brings us to this ... Are you thankful for your Thanksgiving memories when you were growing up? I sure am.

Waking up on Thursday morning to the smell of turkey wafting through the house, the anticipation of (mostly) good food, (mostly) good family and always good times. It didn't matter that mom's turkey was always dry, because there was always enough gravy to make it great.

Watching the big Snoopy balloon in the Macy's Parade. The first sighting of Santa Claus ... yes! Watching the Lions lose, the Cowboys win. Eating. A lot.

Warm fuzzies, memories we should always be thankful for.

My mom also died earlier this year and, like Keith, this will be our family's first Thanksgiving without her. Wow, is she missed. She was 61 inches of pure gold. Simply the best.

Dry turkey or not.

Be thankful for what you have, because you won't always have it.

That's life.