"That could've been me. That could've been anybody."

Randy Martin has been racing sprint cars for 26 years.

A local sprint car driver says the fatal crash involving NASCAR star Tony Stewart has impacted the entire racing community.

"It affects all of us, cause you know that could've been me, that could have been anybody out there as far as the one getting hit or the person hitting them," Randy Martin, of California, Missouri, said.

"It'll definitely make a man think next time before he gets out of his car and wants to confront somebody."

Martin has been racing sprint cars for 26 years. He says there's no written rule telling drivers to stay inside their vehicles after a crash, rather an unwritten understanding. Still, he says emotions run high during races and he understands 20-year-old Kevin Ward's instinct to confront Stewart.

"Somebody cuts you off, spins you out, turns you over, the first thing you want to do is get out and confront them, and that's probably not a very good idea," Martin said.

"I say after this there's probably going to be some rule changes all over the country."

Martin called the accident an "awful deal" for all those involved, but having raced in similar conditions he sees how the incident could have happened.

"Usually on the caution you're not really paying much attention to what's going on around you," Martin said.

"You're more or less relaxing and everything. And the wing panels on these cars, they hang down on the right side quite a ways and it makes visibility kind of difficult."

Friends who have raced on that upstate New York track also told Martin that it's dark, making Ward's all-black attire more difficult to see.