Texas man travels to Show-Me State Games

A man traveled from Texas to compete in pickleball for the Show-Me State Games. He said the sport has been part of his healing since suffering from PTSD. Photo from @showmegames on Twitter

A Texas man traveled all the way from Texas to compete in pickleball in the Show-Me State Games. However, his journey stretches much further than a plane trip to Missouri.

Kory Kelly has post traumatic stress disorder. He is a veteran, and said pickleball is what helped him get his life back.

"This is a sport that somehow got me out of my house and got me to do social things," he said.

He has been playing for ten months. His 80-year-old mother introduced him to the sport, and he said he immediately fell in love.

He said it has been a great way for him to transition back into the civilian world.

"I know we all like to compete and something has to bridge that gap when we're done with what we were doing before, you know what do we do?" he said. "And it can't just be sit in the house."

Kelly has traveled to many different tournaments around the country. His goal is to play in the U.S.A. Pickleball Association national tournament some day. He traveled to Naples, Florida to watch the tournament as a spectator this year.

There are five skill-rated levels of pickleball, and in his short time of playing, Kelly has already reached level four.

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