Teens arrested for Callaway County ATV thefts

Dylan Sanford is currently in custody of Callaway County Police.

Four teens and juvenile were taken into custody after several ATVs were stolen in Callaway County.

On July 11, a Callaway County deputy responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle on County Road 405, north of County Road 438.

When the deputy got there, he found an Yamaha Bigbear 350 ATV with the back left wheel missing.

A firefighter with the South Callaway Fire Protection District told the deputy that while he was conducting traffic controls after a car crash; there when two men on ATVs who approached the scene.

He said the people quickly turned around and when they did, one of the back left tires came off one of the vehicles.

The men left the impaired ATV there and both men took off on the second one.

That same day, a man reported his Yamaha Bigbear 350 ATV had been stolen from a shop building on his farm in the 6800-block of County Road 470 in the overnight hours of July 10 to July 11.

Also that day, Callaway County Sheriffâ??s Deputies responded to the theft of an ATV in the 9000-block of Platinum Drive. The victim also reported that the suspects tried to start a second ATV, but were unsuccessful.

The stolen ATV was later recovered in a creek off of State Road BB.

Through the course of the investigation, deputies learned that Ethan Lomas, 18, of Fulton, Caleb Debrodie, 19, of Fulton, and Dylan Sanford, 19, of Tebbetts,went to the residence for the purpose of stealing an ATV.

Later that morning, sheriff's deputies responded to a stealing complaint in the 9000 block of Platinum Road in which the suspect stole a cattle fence charger.

Through the course of the investigation, deputies learned that Lomas, Debrodie, and a 15-year-old from Fulton, went to this residence to steal motor fuel and also stole a cattle fencer and a posthole digger, both of which have been recovered by deputies.

On Wednesday, a woman told deputies Dylan Sanford, and Ethan Lomas, came to her home on an ATV and told her they were riding the ATVs on County Road 405 when they saw the car crash.

They told he about the wheel coming off of the ATV Lomas was driving.

Just a day before, on Tuesday, at about 6:00 a.m. A man reported having two ATVs and diesel fuel stolen from Smart Brother's Farms at 5623 State Highway 94.

The man told authorities the suspects forced their way into the building by kicking in a door, damaging the locking bar supports.

While the deputy was talking with the man, there was a report of a suspicious vehicle broken down on County Road 4011 and County Road 4000.

According to court documents, Brent Daniels was in the broken down truck and after questioning he admitted to being with four people, 18-year-old Joshua Sartin, Dylan Sanford, 18-year-old Ethan Lomas and another man named Austin.

Daniels told the deputy Sanford and Lomas took the ATVs.

Sartin told authorities Brent Daniels, 18, of Columbia, dropped him, Sanford and Lomas off in Tebbetts to steal the ATVs and admitted to breaking into the shop building along with the other two.

On July 13th the Callaway County Sheriff's office investigated a report of a stolen four-wheeler that was found submerged in a lake at Camp Potawatomi off Road Park at 245 Bartley Lane.

The owner of the four-wheeler said it was stolen from the 5800-block of County Road 438.

Four days later, on July 17, a juvenile told authorities he saw Ethan Lomas driving the four-wheeler on July 11 at Camp Potawatomi.

Lomas, Debrodie, Sanford and Sartin were all arrested and the teen was taken to the Juvenile Justice Center in Columbia.

Lomas is charged with second-degree burglary, two-counts of stealing a motor vehicle, two-counts of tampering with a motor vehicle, stealing motor fuel and property damage.

Sartin is charged with second-degree burglary, two-counts of stealing a motor vehicle and property damage.

Sanford is charged with two counts of stealing a motor vehicle and one count of tampering with a motor vehicle.

Sheriff's deputies said Brent Daniels was not arrested but a report on him will be reffered to the Callaway County Prosecuting Attorne's office for charges.