Taking time off for the Eclipse

Jennifer Webb plans to take the day off work for the Solar Eclipse. (KRCG)

Just two days away from the much-anticipated Solar Eclipse, many people who normally would be at work are planning to take the day off.

Jennifer Webb spent her Monday doing what she does most weekdays, but on Monday of August 21st, the Holts Summit Salon owner has different plans.

The moon is expected to cover the sun for two minutes, creating the first total solar eclipse in Missouri since 1869. Jennifer says she's won't be cutting hair that day.

"It won't happen again for a really long time so I think it will be a neat experience," Jennifer said.

While she is aware of the many area festivals for the event, Jennifer says she plans to be with family, "I will either be spending it with my parents, having lunch, watching it at the farm over the bean fields or hopefully possibly seeing it at my sons school with him and his classmates."

Not everyone has to schedule time off for the eclipse. Holt Summit City Hall will close from 11-3 so employees can enjoy the experience.

"I don't want the employees to miss this event to stay open. There's no reason for us not to close for a few hours for a once-in-a-lifetime event," City Administrator Rick Hess said.

Holts Summit and the community are invited to celebrate the Solar Eclipse at Greenway Park.

"Cooking hamburgers and hot dogs and things like that," Rick said.

Rick said he's looking forward to night time, in the day, "The birds will start going to roost, the temperature will drop, the street lights will come on, "Something the kids will always remember, something the adults will always remember."

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