T.A.K.E. Defense against violence

From its modest beginnings with a group of only 12 participants, the T.A.K.E. Defense program has empowered 45,000 women and girls with a fighting chance.

High school students and co-eds will soon be hoping to pad their wallets with a little extra cash from their summer jobs.

But venturing out in the world can sometimes be a risky proposition. In 2002, 19 year-old Ali Kemp was brutally murdered while working at her neighborhood swimming pool in Leawood, Kansas.

Ali fought and fought for her life, Ali TMs father, Roger Kemp said. And the predator fought and took it.

Since that time, Roger and Ali TMs mother, Cathy, have made it their mission to ensure that other young women can guard against violent attacks with the use of self-defense. As founders of the Ali Kemp Education Foundation, they work with communities, schools, sports teams and businesses to educate young women on prevention and personal protection.

Touched by their story, businessman Mark Beeler is joining forces with the Kemps to help Lake Area women T.A.K.E. Defense against violent predators.

The program was founded in memory of Ali Kemp, Mark Beeler of The Beeler Group said. It teaches women 12 years and older about self-defense.

From its modest beginnings with a group of only 12 participants, the T.A.K.E. Defense program has empowered 45,000 women and girls with a fighting chance when confronted by an attacker. The two-hour class teaches safety awareness, along with reality-based, hands-on self-defense training.

Beeler is working to keep local women safe by bringing the class to the School of the Osage Middle School in Osage Beach.

What inspired me is that everyone thinks this is something that can TMt happen to them, Beeler said. But that is absolutely not true. It can happen to the most innocent people out there.

With the seasonal influx of vacationers and temporary workers right around the corner, Beeler feels a pressing need to arm area women with the tools they need for a safe summer.

When you take into account the number of young women that come to the lake not just to work but also to vacation, Beeler stressed. They are getting on and off various boats and sometimes there are cocktails involved, they can be very vulnerable.

Scheduled to be held Mother TMs Day weekend, Beeler believes that the perfect gift for mom just might be a little peace of mind.

Give your mom the gift of knowing that you can protect yourself or better yet, Beeler said. Take her to a class so she can protect herself. This can happen to anyone at anytime.

Roger Kemp will be present at the Lake Area class to be held May 7th at School of the Osage Middle School on Hwy. 42 in Osage Beach. On-site registration begins at 9:30 a.m. with classes beginning at 10 a.m. The 2-hour class is open to participants 12 years of age and older.

More information and class registration can be found online at by clicking on the link.