Tailgating continues despite heat

Saturdayâ??s high heat didnâ??t stop thousands of fans from tailgating prior to the Missouri vs. Murray State football game.

Awnings stretched as far as the eye could see in the parking lot next to Parking Structure #7 and along Stadium Boulevard. Coolers abounded and several tailgaters were seen using handheld fans, both manual and electric, to beat the heat. Several tailgaters told KRCG 13 they made some changes to their gameday plans because of the weather.

Biomedical student Ian Hanson said he and his friends decided at the last minute to set up an awning to ensure they could find shade. He said they tried to pack as many people under the awning as they could. Across the street, Mariah Thomas and her family froze water bottles the night before to ensure they would have something cold to drink throughout the day. In addition, as the sun moved throughout the day, she and her group moved their awning to stay in the shade as much as possible.

â??This is the hottest game Iâ??ve ever tailgated at,â?? she said. â??Which is saying something, compared to last summer.â??

Next to Thomasâ?? location, Donnie Baldwin and his family set up a novel way to keep his six-month-old grandson cool: three fans, all hooked up to a portable generator. In addition, Baldwin said he brought a couple cases of water where one is usually sufficient. He said he and some nearby tailgaters gave water to the staff working the parking lot to keep them from having problems. Even with the added measures, Baldwin and his family decided to take their infant grandson home as a further precaution.