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      Synthetic drugs concern Eldon community

      Eldon residents say synthetic drugs have become a big problem in their middle and high schools.Synthetic drugs are sold legally, mainly in smoke shops, under the label "not for human consumption." The community expressed its concern for its teenagers at a meeting hosted by Siblings Against Violence and Drugs (SAVED) Thursday evening."Anybody who can help me, anybody I can contact -- I wanna know all of the bad side effects so I can tell my son, tell his friends...and so that maybe it would deter them a little bit...anything to help," Christal Ferrell said.Parents and employers attended to learn about the dangers of cannabinoids and cathinones.Proponents say the drugs are another form of marijuna; however, the side effects are worse and they are highly addictive. Some users experience hallucinations or behave violently, to the point of becoming deadly.The American College of Emergency Physicians reports that a variety of symptoms are seen in emergency rooms, including chest pain, elevated blood pressure, nausea, erratic heartbeat, agitation, paranoia, muscle breakdown and hypothermia.