Surgeons introduce newest member, a robot

Surgeons at University of Missouri Healthcare introduced the newest member of their team Thursday.

Their new member can lend many helping hands, but it's not human.

The Dual Console da Vinci Robot will assist surgeons with complex and minimally invasive procedures.

The machine is unique because it allows two surgeons to guide the machine at once.

Doctors say by using the Da Vinci they have greater precision and control than using their own hands, because there's no risk of shaking.

"You're able to get into small areas with those small arms and still have a full range of motion, surgeon Jeffrey Jorgensen said. To be able to move around and get these tumors out is something that I couldn't do with my own fingers just because it's too small of an area."

The first patient was treated here just last Friday.

The machine cost a little more than $3 million.

Patients can expect smaller incisions, minimal scarring, shorter hospital stays and less blood loss when treated for a variety of different problems.