Summer school starts at new high school

Battle High School is Columbiaâ??s fourth high school.

Columbiaâ??s newest high school officially opened on Monday morning.

More than 400 Muriel Williams Battle High School students began their summer school classes.

Battle High School is Columbiaâ??s fourth high school.

The new campus has the latest security features, state-of-the-art athletic facilities and high tech classrooms.

School officials said summer school classes allow them to prepare for more than 1,200 students arriving in August for the new school year.

Battle High School Principal Dr. Kim Presko said, â??Weâ??re taking this opportunity to actually have a soft start and figure out what our routines and our things that we need to think about for the first day of the regular school year.â??

Columbiaâ??s $76 million high school was named after Muriel Battle.

Battle passed away in 2003 and was an outstanding African-American educator and school administrator who worked and lived in Columbia.