Summer road work underway in Jefferson City

Summer isn't officially here yet, but summer construction projects are well underway.

Whether you're taking the kids to the pool, or just going grocery shopping, there are some projects to watch out for.

The widening project on east mccarty in jefferson city will soon block a busy intersection at Eastland and McCarty.

â??It is a very inconvenient thing for people who live in that area", said Roger Schwartz with the Jefferson City Public Works Department.

Veterinarian Dr. Jim Crago's office is on McCarty and he says it's work that has to be done.

We asked him if he has had a drop-off in business since construction started last year, â??Not to a major degree, you know a few clients decided not to come over but very few".

The city also has a number of street resurfacing projects already underway according to Schwartz, "They are working on Edgewood right now it has all been milled off, now they're sealing cracks and hopefully they will be getting to lay asphalt in the next day or two in this great weather, after that one is finished they are going to move to Myrtle Street and then they are going to move to Mississippi and Notre Dame after that".

Each of those projects should ony take a few days.

Crews are also making progress on a new sidewalk that didn't exist on the south side of Missouri Boulevard, the new sidewalk is going to run between Kansas and Heisinger.

Schwartz told us, "Everything is looking pretty good both budget and time wise, the weather cant get much better for construction".

And, some viewers have been contacting us about a sinkhole on Industrial Drive, we asked the city about it and they say it's actually related to a storm water pipe underneath the railroad, "The portion that goes under the railroad tracks is a very old box culvert and that portion has caved in", Schwatrz said.

He says it doesn't pose a safety risk, and the railroad plans to fix the sinkhole, they haven't said when.