Stunned into silence: employees react to RR Donnelley plant closing

Employees were stunned when they learned the plant would close October 1.

Employees at RR Donnelley in Jefferson City arrived to work as usual Thursday morning, when they were told to attend a mandatory meeting.

"Within minutes two gentlemen walked in and they told us that our company was shutting their doors," one employee said.

Another said the room fell silent.

"We just had a meeting a couple of weeks ago that said some of our lines were going to be at 120-140 percent workload and they came in today and just told us we're done," the other employee said.

Both employees requested KRCG 13 conceal their identities.

One of them has been working at the plant for eight years, and says he's worried about finding other work come October.

"What am I gonna do now? I'm over 40 years old and all I've done for the past 8 years is this job," he said.

The other has been working at the plant for nine and a half years.

"You build relationships," he said, choking back tears. "And now they're gone."