Stover residents hold prayer vigil for victims of sex crimes

Saturday, Stover residents held a vigil for the victims of alleged sex crimes in Moniteau county.

Those crimes allegedly happened to two girls several years ago.

A Morgan County pastor Travis Smith will be back in court to face the charges for those crimes later this month.

The 42-year-old is charged with statutory rape and statutory sodomy.

These new charges come a little more than a year after smith was found not guilty on child molestation charges.

Participants in the vigil say one of their goals was raising awareness of these types of crimes.

"The grown-ups need to start listening to the young people's voice,â?? said Vigil participant Gary, who did not want to give his last name. â??It's not always lying or making up something, you know, sometimes hey're telling the truth. We need to start listening to them, and remember that they have a voice."

The First Baptist Church of Stover held a fish fry on Saturday, while they did not want to go on camera or comment on the situation with their pastor, they do want people to know that they hold a fish fry annually about this time of year.

They say the event

was not

put on in support of Smith.