Stormchaser bolts through Mid-Missouri

Oklahoma City Stormchaser Justin Dill travels across the United States and hauls cargo in his van. At the same time, he enjoys his hobby of storm chasing.

Dill said, â??You want to be there to try to giving warning and try to get people to safety. If youâ??ve seen the movie Twister, Iâ??m doing the same exact thing.â??

Dill has been chasing storms on a full time basis for the past 3 years.

Dill has survived hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and heavy snows. His goal is to see a tornado up close and personal. When most people see a tornado, they go the opposite direction. Dill uses his weather equipment to track them down and chase them.

Dill said, â??I think itâ??s just to be there and admire Godâ??s handy work. Itâ??s very rare. Itâ??s like seeing a rainbow. Both are two different aspects at the same time.â??

Dill has a passion for weather and a passion to help others. He plans to be a Stormchaser for the rest his life because he says the skyâ??s the limit.