Storm damage caught on Moser's security cameras

KRCG 13 received security video from Moser's in Fulton on Monday after strong storms blew through.

Strong winds associated with thunderstorms on Monday's evening caused damage to the sliding front doors of Moser's along with damage to cars in the parking lot. At least one car in front of the building and one truck in the parking lot were moved several feet as the front of the storm moved in which can be seen in the video.

These winds were not caused by a tornado but could have been straight-line winds or a microburst from the thunderstorm. An official damage report from the National Weather Service has not been completed at this time. Estimated winds speeds are also unknown.

The pictures below were taken right after the storm move through from KRCG 13 engineer Patrick Neelin. The show the damage to the front doors and the blown out windows to a car in front of the store.