Still no peace for Highway AA dog owners

Highway AA resident Racy Way looks on. Her two dogs disappeared December 8.

Dog owners on Highway AA in Cooper County are still looking for answers after a series of dog disappearances left many of them without their pets.

It's been more than a month since Cooper County resident Racy Way has seen her two dogs, a Great Pyrenees named Kilo and a German Shepherd named Lexi. Way's dogs disappeared December 8.

"We miss them so much," Way said. "It's so hard to be out here without them and to hear all the other stories, heartbreaking stories about the others who lost their pets."

Over a six month period in 2013, 11 purebred dogs disappeared from homes on Highway AA north of Tipton. Way said she has tried everything in her power to try and find out what happened to her two dogs.

"I've been in contact with the sheriff's department and they have some detectives on the case. They said they have a few leads they are working on and that they're taking the case very seriously."

The Cooper County Sheriff says their investigation is slow but ongoing, but that he believes the animals may have been deliberately taken.

"The fact is, the breed of the dogs would lend itself possibly to some kind of testing taking place on the animals," Said Sheriff Jerry Wolfe. "However, the fact that a lot of purebred-type animals disappeared would indicate that there might be some kind of a profit motive."

Sheriff Wolfe said their investigation has been hobbled by a lack of people coming forward. He said only three Highway AA residents who had their dogs go missing came to his department to report them as stolen.

Wolfe said they tried reaching out to other agencies that deal with missing pets, but none have had to deal with a situation like the one his department is investigating.

So far, none of the animals have been returned. Sheriff Wolfe is urging anyone with information to call the Cooper County Sheriff's Department at (660) 882-2771 or send them an email.