Stickers showcase creative ideas for empty downtown spaces

Jefferson City residents and visitors can write what they wish to see in each of the two vacant buildings on High Street.

If you have walked along High Street in Jefferson City during the past week, you may have noticed blank stickers on the windows of two vacant buildings.

Residents have been encouraged to write what they wish to see in the buildings on these stickers as part of the upcoming Hidden Places, Secret Spaces tour.

The tour showcases empty places in the downtown area, allowing visitors to walk around inside the buildings and give input on what they'd like to see. Some places could be used as retail space, loft apartments, or even a walk-through to parking behind High Street.

Some of the ideas can already be read on the windows of 118 East High Street, with the possibilities ranging from a donut shop to a Fuddrucker's restaurant.

The city wants to know what's important to the community, and for people to get creative with their visions for the vacant buildings.

Fourth Ward city councilwoman Carrie Carroll said the tour really highlights what can be done downtown.

"The building I'm standing in front of [118 E. High St.] is vacant on two levels so we have retail space on the first floor, in fact this is the last vacant first floor retail space in the 100 block of High Street, which is very exciting. And now upstairs there's space that could be renovated into apartments or lofts and people really desire to live downtown right now."

Carroll said the city council will continue to evaluate downtown real estate as the summer months progress.

The tour is scheduled for May 19th at 1 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased at Carrie's Hallmark, Brew House, Hawthorn Bank, and Samuel's Tuxedos and Gifts.