State tax forms no longer available at post offices and libraries

To save money and help balance the state's $260 million shortfall, the Missouri Department of Revenue will no longer be printing state tax forms and leaving them at post offices and libraries around the state. The forms will be available electronically; but the cost-cutting strategy is leaving some without a way to file their taxes.

"You either have to have a computer or a fax machine, which I don't," says Holts Summit resident Adaline Williams. "Its very inconvenient to try to file your taxes."

Missouri residents are now encouraged to get their state tax forms electronically. You can either download your forms from the Department of Revenue website or call the department's new automated fax system.

Department of Revenue officials are trying to make this year of change easier for some.

"Anyone who used a Department of Revenue form last year and mailed it in to us, they will automatically get one mailed to them this year, or they should," says Department of Revenue Director of Communications Ted Farnen.

But Adaline Williams has not received that form yet, and worries others may not either.

But why the change in the process?

"We're in a tough budget year right now and a lot of departments are having to make really difficult choices about how to save money from the current budget year," says Farnen.

Revenue officials believe not printing excess forms will save them nearly $65,000.

So what can you do if you don't get a paper copy mailed to you? And you don't have access to a computer or fax machine at home?

Department of Revenue officials urge you to go to your local public library. Most now have publically accessible computers and employees who can assist you in finding the forms online. Libraries can also request a packet of all state tax forms to then make copies for library patrons. Library officials can simply call the Department of Revenue.

If that doesn't work, Adaline says she has one other choice up her sleeve.

"Well actually, we drug out last year's and we were going to white it out and try using that one," says Adaline.

Tax officials do not recommend Adaline's white-out solution. Instead, KRCG hand delivered forms to her.

The Missouri Department of Revenue does not have forms avilable at their offices and they will not mail forms by request. Officials reiterate that people are urged to access forms online in whatever way they can.

You can find a link to the Missouri Department of Revenue website below. Forms can also be requested automatically by fax. The automated number is 573-751-4800.