State employees work 2 Black Fridays in 26 years

State employees are furious about Gov. Jay Nixon's decision to make the day after Thanksgiving a regular work day.

Most state workers insisted that the lack of shoppers on Black Friday could impact the local economy.

"They're wanting to bring revenue into the state becasue the state is in such bad financial shape, but you can't make revenue without making sales tax, and you can't make sales tax without having people out shopping, and when all of your state employees are sitting in here, which is 90 percent of your economy around here, there is no way to make revenue," One state employee said.

A ccording to public records, state employees have had the day off after Thanksgiving every year but one in the past 26 years, which was in 1991.

St ate workers in the Missouri Senate haven't heard the Senate president's final decision, but even if he says senate staff have to work, legislative staff might not have to.

"Here in the Senate we have less than 200 employees, but half of those employees actually report to individual senators so in their case its actually up to their individual senator whether or not they would work that day and then for senate staff that is up to the President Pro Tem," Senate Communications Director Farrah Fite said.

Nixon's office said by not declaring a holiday on Black Friday will save the state about $2 million, and if employees would like the day off they can take a vacation day. (Read more)

T he Attorney General's office hasn't told employees if they will have to work the day after Thanksgiving.