State Auditor finds problems in personal records security

State Auditor Nicole Galloway found some problems in the way the Department of Health and Senior Services manages personal records, but gave the overall system a 'good' rating.

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s recent audit of the systems that keep track of personal records such as birth, death, adoption, and marriage in the Department of Health and Senior Services found problems in the safeguards of that information in ‘some areas.’

According to a press release, the audit also found that some staff members who work with the system have an inadequate understanding of existing controls.

Galloway said the system is secure, but could be improved with better planning and communication.

The Auditor said people wanting access to your personal records for illegal purposes will exploit any weaknesses in the system to achieve their ends, and that the state must not become complacent in securing them.

Overall, the systems audited got a rating of ‘good’ on a scale of Poor, Fair, Good, and Excellent.

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